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Profile: Benjamin Collins

Benjamin Collins is the programmer and at the moment the main blogger on the development site. Ben is a thirty-something year old man-child who spends as much time as he can working with open source and Linux when he’s not riding his bicycle while listening to 80’s music.

Ben moved to Japan when he was 19 years old and tried to get into a decent University, but ended up going to Josai International Media Department. A school where if you can sign your name and pay tuition they let you in. Lots of life lessons where learned while Ben was going to school and working at a restaurant full time to pay tuition. One time Ben got home from school, went to work until six in the morning and got back on the train again to go to school. Good times were had all around.

Ben spent his time translating Phantasy Star Online 2 while in univeristy and started Arks Layer.com, that he later handed off to Aida. Ben is currently focused on using gaming to expand his understanding of computer science and has spent time on gtk.dashgl.com and dashgl.com where he writes tutorials for OpenGL using the C language on Linux.