Concept Images for EmraJs

While I haven’t had a lot of time to be able to spend on investigating into Jaxer to be able to streamline the install process. I have had a chance to take some time in working on some concept images for the EmraJs logo and mascot. So I guess we should start with the important part, which is the mascot.

The mascot turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself. Since Jaxer uses Mozilla’s Spider Monkey Javascript engine, it seems like a good idea to try to draw comparisons to Firefox. As opposed to “Firefox” we have “Emerald Wolf”. So we have our cute little wolf mascot who can help you cut down your prototyping type.

Next we have a very simple clean logo. Not too much to say here. We tried some more complicated options, but simple is best. We have a simple logo followed by the “EmraJs” text.

This does kind of give me some motivation to get started on where I left off before. I think I got over zealous which trying to cut everything down to size. I think I can re-approach the compile and install stage with the minimal amount of changes to make the application run.

  1. Install dependencies
  2. Compile
  3. Install Emrajs to /etc/emrajs

I think I can go back in the repository and move the state back to before I got too carried away with stripping down the file. I think it would make more sense to have the prepare, call with minor changes to avoid having to compile apache all together and then an install file that sets up the environment.

Once that’s in place I can start working with the tools to make sure everything is working, and then maybe right some samples and focus on cleaning up the minimum amount of code on the client to make sure the service works, and then set priorities for what needs to be worked on from there.