Creating a Signup flow

It might have been a good idea to use a VPS since it has allowed me to get some perspective on something I’ve been thinking about for the last few weeks, which is how to get people to sign up for your service and get started using the service. And what better way to learn from the best since the VPS services have a lot of innovation and funding and marketing to make them stand out and be easier to use than other services.

Directing users to the sign up screen

I think that one of the huge issues is getting people to look at the sign up screen in the first place. There’s a lot of information that needs to be included on the landing page. You need to demonstrate that your online service addresses and issue and can be used under specific reasons. So perspective user needs to be able to look at that and make an educated decision on if the service matches their needs and at what cost, and if that cost is reasonable. And also the landing page needs to demonstrate some kind of trust that the brand is something they can depend on.

Choosing a method of login

The more traditional version of authentication is to have the user use an email address and password to make sure the user’s password can be reset if the user has forgot. And it was cumbersome for users to signup for services and manage the passwords for all of them. Now that social media services have become the de-facto authentication services, it seems fair to offer that as a form of login as to not increase the number of passwords that need to be managed.

Confirm registration details

Once the user has selected which version of authentication they would like, you can take this time to ask any other quick questions, like which username to use, setting up a payment method and making sure they agree to any privacy policies and the terms of service. And then from there if everything works okay, the final step should be to auto-login the user into their first session.