Jaxer Maintenance Video #1

For this blog post we have a video of our current development path with the server-side Javascript application server Jaxer.

The original project seems like it suffered from a lot of feature creep. There is a solid core concept built around making simple ajax-oriented applications with a multi-process server side application server that uses similar JavaScript syntax as the client. So our focus when it comes to maintenance, is to try and remove everything that doesn’t directly contribute to the core experience.

First we’ve managed to simplify the file structure of the repository, and we’ve changed the focus of the build to target the Raspberry Pi. This has allowed us to remove files and configurations for Windows, and Mac OS, and has cut down on the number of folders in the product. We still have two folders, namely ‘tools’ and ‘distro’ that could probably be removed as well, but the next step is to work on the post install environment.

For the post install environment, we have a few low hanging fruit for files that don’t need to be in the install folder. Specifically ‘logs’, and ‘tmp’. We can remove those, and change the defaults on the corresponding configuration files. From there our focus will be to concentrate on the server-side framework to remove, refactor and document the scripts that are there.