Cutting the Repo down to size

With more testing we’ve been working on simplifying the compile and install script for Jaxer as well as the files in the repository. And we’ve able to reduce more unused lines in the setup script, which has then allowed us to remove more folders from the repository, specifically distro and tools. So we have a much more simplified base directory for the Jaxer repository.

First we have aptana which is a newly created folder in that it’s a folder that we taken the docs, tests and sample code and included in this folder as a reference to work with later. The config folder includes our updated and defined configuration files that are used as a base for the compiled binaries to be copied into.

The examples directory contains our examples, which right now is limited to our Todo List example. Aptana originally included a wikilite, chat and todo list. So I’ve been trying to think of some more simple examples that could be included, but for right now the Todo List seems to be the more important in terms of working with declaring a table and inserting and selecting data from a mysql table.

And the last folder is the src folder which includes the source files which are used to compile Jaxer. If we look into that folder it looks like there is a lot more code that can be cut down to size.

Specifically there are several folders like Utils_old and manager_old that immediately jump out as not being used. Then we have aptana_private which is unknown what it does. And then the laucher/mac and microsoft folders seem specific to platforms we’re not using so it looks like those can be removed as well.

And then inside connectors it looks like we can remove the directories for iis and servlet as those are also platforms that can be removed as we’re only interested in working with Apache. And we’ve also managed to get our setup and install script down to about two hundred and twenty lines of code and could probably reduce a lot more.

But right now I think we’re ready to start moving into the next step. Sure there is more in the source files that could probably be removed, but the goal for reducing the amount of material in the setup file was to be able to install Jaxer in one go from a fresh install of Raspbian on a raspberry pi and then have an environment to work with.

So now that we’re able to run a single script to set up an environment the next step is to look into the environment. Specifically we want to start taking notes of all of the config files, where they are, what they define and if possible, what order they are parsed. And then from there look into the server side code and then start to make some tests for what’s working on what’s not.

That way when we do get into focusing on more of the source code we’ll have a suite of tools that we can run that will tell us is everything is working or not and can have an idea of what else we can remove, what we need to focus on, and what aspects can be updated or worked on without breaking compatibility.