Nodejs Book: Chapter 1

This this chapter, we go over the basics of the deceptively simple “hello world” server in Nodejs. And go over some of the concepts into why the same message will be returned to the user no matter what url is requested.

Nodejs Book (Abstract)

In 2017 I wrote a small “book” about getting started with Nodejs as an HTTP server. The book has been sitting on my hard drive for the last three years, so I figured if there is nothing better to do with it, then I might as well post it to this blog. To post a bit of background to this book, I should probably explain some of my experience with Nodejs. In 2011 was a student in university getting into server-side programming and I was having trouble of managing the differences between client-side Javascript and server-side PHP. That’s when the first video with Ryan Dahl came out announcing Nodejs.